TAFE cuts, Arts outbreak

  1. New: Is the government doing enough for education? Whose responsibility, state or the commonwealth? Why cut?

  2. The Conversation, the online journal on independent analysis and commentary from academics and researchers reported that, 

    “The cuts to TAFE come as the OECD reports as many as 85% of 25-64 year-old Australians who have attained vocational education were employed in 2010 – the second-highest level among OECD countries.”


    “Australia ranked 20 of 37 countries for total spending on education as a percentage of GDP – at 6%… The public share of total spending on education was also below average, put down to Australia’s relatively high university fees, high levels of full-fee paying international students, and high proportion of school students attending private schools.”

    The cuts happened because 

    The government is blaming the lost of tax revenue for the unsustainable funding situation. And according to John Pardy, education researcher at Monash University, “What the state governments are doing is … passively shifting responsibility to the Commonwealth.”  

  3. And this argument was mirrored in the Commonwealth’s strong reaction: You cut, We cut!
  4. Any results? Opinions from Farrah Tomazin, The Sunday Age’s state political editor.
  5. NSW TAFE cuts announced on September 11, 2012

  6. On September 11, NSW government announced major cuts to its TAFE colleges since Jan 1, 2013, as part of a broad education cuts to save $1.7 billion in the next four years. It is estimated about 800 TAFE jobs will go and TAFE fees will increase by 9.5% from next year. The hardest hit will be with TAFE fine art courses, including visual arts and ceramics which will be charged at commercial rates.
  7. On September 12, the National Association for the Visual Arts argued against the accusation that “art students have no job prospects” and predicted the cuts will result in possible closure of fine arts in TAFE.”
  8. The Public Service Association worried cuts will “see skill levels in NSW decline and disproportionately affect students in regional areas.”
  9. Community response: TAFE cuts will lead to job loss in  Lismore TAFE creative industry faculty and skyrocketed fees will diminish the prospect of future intake.
  10. And protests followed.
  11. While Victorians are sinking deeper into their ongoing battle.

  12. “In May the government announced plans to slash an estimated $290 million from the TAFE sector… The TAFE Association estimated the funding cuts would lead to about 2000 redundancies at TAFE institutes. But the government has defended TAFE funding, saying it is spending an extra $1 billion over four years on apprenticeships and areas of skills training, ” The Age reports.
  13. Federal government joined in to pressure against Victorian cuts. ”We don’t want to take money out of the Victorian TAFE system, but there’s clearly no point in us pouring money in if they’re taking money out on the other end,”  said the federal Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans.
  14. On September 20th, more protests in Victoria after TAFE “transition plan” leak on possible facility sell-off and campus merger/closure.
  15. After the “transition plan” leak, “National Tertiary Education Union is warning other states it’s likely they’ll be following Victoria’s example. “
  16. New: “Why keep secret of KPMG’s cut advice?” Victorian TAFEs are demanding
  17. What are people saying… and what do you have to say? Join the discussion!

  18. Victorian TAFE teachers, students and parents sharing their stories in response to TAFE cuts.
  19. Paul Livingstone, the co-writer of the the animated feature film, Happy Feet Two and the former art student at TAFE blogged about his disappoint at the TAFE cuts.
  20. Deborah Gower, a former TAFE art student and working ceramic artist advocates the arts community to appeal.
  21. Victorians campaign website.
  22. Petition page at Facebook: Save Art in TAFE
  23. More community-based online petitions: Fund Art Education in NSW TAFE
  24. This Storify post will follow the development closely and run updates in the days to come. You are welcome to join the discussion either by leaving comments or news links. Let’s talk about it!!

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