Vulgar is the new hero in China

I recently picked up a video clip at youtube, originally from a TV program at a provincial educational TV station in China. There was an open tongue-lash between the invited guests, Gan Lulu sisters and their mother in the audience (hereafter referred to as Gans), and the rest of the audience which seemed like uni students. The audience argued with Gansm, who were bursting F words aggressively throughout the session.

It’s interesting not only because it’s a piece of public drama, but also because of the kind of bluntedness in which Gans talked about their desire of getting rich and famous. The underlying lines would be that rich and famous is a hard core truth in China nowadays and no matter how you get it, even by stripping and vulgarity is something to be celebrated. Gans feel pound because they think they do it openly, while others secretively.

Sadly, maybe Gans are right in a way. We cannot ignore the fact that Gan Lulu quickly got very widely know since early  last year when her mum pretended to have accidentally put out her ‘marriage-seeking video’ which involved nudes. She now has one million weibo ( @干露露) followers (Chinese version of twitter) within a very short period of time and makes frequent appearances at TV programs, high-profile event launch and commercial movies and MVs.

At a Chineconnect workshop (a business forum organised by the City of Sydney to equip local business with China knowledge) the other day, the consultant taught “China is not only one market, and you can have many markets in China. ” And sure he is right. Even vulgarity has one.

This TV program has recently been suspended by the Chinese broadcasting authority for the reason of vulgar language in an educational TV program.


Audience: …without a bottom line?

Gan: Have your mother forced you to be like this? (sounds like ‘mother fucker’ in Chinese pronunciation) Your mum really forced you I bet!

Audience (probably a student from a well-known university): Don’t you have moral? Don’t you have a bottom line? You (choose to strip to get famous) because you don’t have enough IQ!

Gan’s Mum (stands out from the audience and broke out): I tell you! Can your mother make you stand on this stage? Can your mother make you a sexy godess in China? Can your mother make millions and billions of people adore you? Can your mother do that? (pointing out her fingers aggressively) Gan’s mother can! Gan’s mother is the best agent in China! I am telling you!! … (waving her fingers) My children excelled because I force them! I want them to be fatass (referring to someone who are very capable of getting rich and famous ), not only in China, but the world, to become the world’s lady GAGA, to become Mon…what what…Mona…(then someone mentioned Monroe in the audience) Marie Monroe. I can make my elder daughter to become (famous) and I can make my younger daughter to become (famous). (pointing at the audience) Can your mother do that?! Can your mother do that?!

Audience: From ancient times, Chinese cherish self-esteem, modesty and despise shameful behaviours….Whoever would teach their daughters to strip to become famous?!

Gan’s mum: I am telling you!! They all did it! Fan Bingbing, Shu Qi (both popular movie stars in China nowadays)…Give me one million, two million and Gan’s mum will ‘stir-fry’ for you! (stir-fry refers to attracting attention by getting into paparazzi news, often celebrity scandals)

Audience: Do you know there are so many people on internet criticising you aggressively? Do you know why?

Gan: I don’t know. You tell me.

Audience: You really don’t know? There is an old Chinese saying, “Bashing and criticising is actually a gesture of love and care.” Cos you are hurting yourself with such (vulgar) behaviour…

Gan’s mum (shouted): You bullshitting!

Audience: There is a practical thing for you to consider. One day, you will have a boyfriend and then maybe a family.

Gan: I now have a boyfriend! And he is magnificent.

Gan’s mum: Of course she has a boyfriend. I’d never pick someone pitiful like you! I am telling you, (In this world,) there are too many dumbfucks, but little fat ass. I hope you will all become fat ass!

Host: Thanks to this audience. In fact, everybody has his/her ideas and dreams. What you (referring to Gan’s mum) said just now including your verbal challenge at the audience…

Gan’s mum (interrupted): I never do illegal things, or challenge anyone or hurt anyone. My daughter is an artist, and has been in the entertainment industry for over ten years without getting famous. I dam wanted to stir-fry her famous! Today I did it! My daughter is now famous! We will go out to the world next!

Audience: I don’t know you!

Gan’s mum: You don’t know?! Oh, it’s because your are a dumbfuck and a damfuck!

Audience: I want to ask, do you think to get famous like this (referring to her recent MV), when everybody tongue lash at you, is worthwhile?

Gan’s mum: Those who say those things are all dumbfucks! (laughter)

Gan’s sister: I believe how many people hates you, and there are an equal number who love you!

Audience: Do you think it’s worthwhile to give up your study, for example in Beijing University for a man, as preached in your MV?

Gan’s sister Gan Maomao (also on stage): Beijng University and so what? I came back from abroad! But do you know me Gan Maomao? But just because I appeared in my sister’s MV, how many people know Gan Maomao now? I went abroad? But did I get famous? I dam want to be rich and famous!

Audience: I think we should speak properly…

Gan’s mum: …motherfucker…

Audience: Is it the way you teach your daughters?

Gan’s mum: My daughter didn’t hurt anyone, or criticise anyone. I only have two words for you, dumbfuck, pissoff, fuckyou, you shit off…

Gan: Let me teach you a lesson. I am older than you, my mum is older than you. She is the elder, so you must learn to respect. I am now teaching you some basics of behaving like a man. Secondly, you should be polite, and respect harmony. Don’t hurt anyone and don’t judge anyone superficially. You shouldn’t speak to me about it (stripping to get famous), but to the abundant nude models in China. Models are legal occupation. For example, Tang Jiali. And those models in the pink ribbon ads. If you challenge at me, you are criticising the pink ribbon project (the breast cancer project in China). Have you done any good things yourself? Give me your telephone number, and follow your elder sister (referring to herself) to learn how to do good things.

Gan’s mum: You are not qualified to challenge your LUlu sister, she received sponsorship in hundreds of thousands! I am telling you the bumbfuck!…Do you have her beauty? Do you?! …Because nowadays people are all dumbfucks! We are all dumbfucks! (laughter)

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